White Rainbow

Why is the color of snow white? Because it has forgotten what color it was. Simple yet beautiful, this is what the color white stands as a symbol for. It represents simplicity, peace, tranquility and much more. Even in the Hindu mythology white is wore over by people in funerals, paying their respects to the deceased. Even science says white is a
a combination of various colors, signifying equality in diversity, a symbol of perfect balance.
Equality, balance, these are the words upon which I have been pondering. Even nature strives for balance from the highest to the molecular level. People state it as fact
but the real question lies whether this is a reality or not ??? If white truly signifies a perfect combination, then why are there other colors just to be a part of something greater than their existence itself. Or there is a far greater reason which is beyond the understanding of common minds ???
If white is perfect, as it is what nature strives for, why is there a rainbow ??The diffraction of white into its various constituents, showing its true beauty. Every color showing off its aura without even undermining its neighboring colors. What confuses me is that why isn’t a rainbow flag shown instead of a white flag, to declare peace. one would say that it represents unity but doesn’t the rainbow show the same “unity in diversity”, or are they both two sides of the same coin. Well though they both represent the same end result, they are different in their means. One acquires all the other colors to become one thus creating a new better whole whereas the other destroys the very thing this world desperately wants and it creates something even beautiful than one could imagine. Creation and destruction, one must destroy to create something it’s all the same yet very different. Two very diversified views. One speaks of to contribute to something for the greater good, whereas the other wants you to hold your own and still find it to shine with others as equals. The choice has been and will always be laid out in the open.
I have never known why the snow is white but I do know it’s beautiful, and I do know something, the snow or rainbow both have the same reason for their existence……….LOVE.


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